· PoetSpeak accepts submissions from residents of the City of Sherwood for the The Sherwood Gazette, and from students from Sherwood SD.


· PoetSpeak accepts submissions for PoetSpeakUSA; submissions will be published in an anthology and mailed to poets on a collaborative basis.


· We encourage anyone with 6-10 poems hidden away to submit. Due to the unique features of PoetSpeak performances, we give preference to writers who have attended a previous performance.


· We look for poems that are “accessible, useful and enjoyable.” This means that your poems should be readable by most people, regardless of profession, culture or background.  It also means that poems should relate to ordinary peoples’ lives, and have a reasonable amount of  impact on their emotions—be it tears or smiles.


Accessible   *    Useful    *    Enjoyable  Poetry

· Submit 3-6 poems—Maximum number of lines 32, with a maximum of 10-12 words per line. Paste poem into body of email.


· Submit a short biography, via email, pasted into body of email, containing information about your education, work, family and passions.


· Each poet accepted will have a poem on              PoetSpeak’s web site.


· Send submissions via email; use MS. Word or paste material into body of email. 


·    See address upper left corner.


· Once accepted for a performance you must commit to attend both rehearsal and performance.


· We accord you and your poetry extra measures of support when we see that you attend PoetSpeak performances, subscribe to PoetSpeak or help by putting up posters and telling other people about a performance.


· We receive a lot of submissions, and our editing process includes matching your poetry, persona, gender and background with ten (10) other poets, and their availability, for rehearsal and performance dates.




Kurt Kristensen

Sherwood, Oregon



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Poems submitted should be pasted into email.

Include poet’s name, phone number and address.



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