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Kurt Kristensen

Portland, Oregon


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Web design

· This web design is available for other            PoetSpeak poets as a template for their own web site; you must have performed at a        PoetSpeak performance.


· Your website must show a link to PoetSpeak by maintaining the PoetSpeak header on each page as originally created; the header will link to


· You must have a recent version of                MS. Publisher, and be able to set up a web  service you can upload to.

· You can set up your own website as         “” by going to NetworkSolutions. You can use this site for your personal as well as your individual family members’ email. You can also use it as a site for family to find pictures and family news.


· There is no charge for providing you with this template; by using it to support your own writing you help new writers and audience alike find a  common community at PoetSpeak.


· Template can be loaded on CD, or emailed as an attachment. It will be loaded intact, showing exactly what appears on this website; you will then be able to make it your own by simply  substituting my information with your              information, poetry and data, item by item.  


· Template comes ready to set up and lists 100 of your poems, and growth is as simple as        duplicating the last page onto a new blank page.            

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