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Kurt Kristensen

Portland, Oregon


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· I created and built the concept trademarked and registered as “PoetSpeak.”  We have public  performances of the Spoken Word kind with   poetry, songs and music in a family environment. Performances have run regularly in the Portland, Oregon area since 1997.


· PoetSpeak performances typically are attended by 55-140 people.


· Our first venue in 1997 was at Portland State University, and our second was at Sherwood’s beautiful Robin Hood Theater—until it was demolished. We offered twice annual performances at Sherwood Community Friends’ Church till 2007; it offered a beautiful Nordic Hall, with a great sound system and lots of parking space. It is located of I-5’s Exit #289, just south of Portland.


· During 2005 PoetSpeak was video-taped for public broadcast on cable television.


· From March 4, 2006 PoetSpeak “traveled” with its cast of performers and began bringing        PoetSpeak performances to more local venues. The first such performance was at Bethel Lutheran Church in North Portland, Oregon. Both Sherwood Friends Church and Bethel Lutheran are outstanding community centers.


· During 2007-15 PoetSpeak editor was on a well-deserved sabbatical to pursue personal dreams and write.


· PoetSpeak is non-profit and publishes, sells and edits illustrated poetry column for newspapers and magazines.


· PoetSpeak publishes an anthology containing all the poems performed at each performance.


· PoetSpeak publishes illustrated chapbooks of accessible, useful and enjoyable poetry.




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