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Kurt Kristensen

Portland, Oregon


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· During 1975-85 I published an illustrated poetry column in the Kenai Peninsula Clarion in Kenai, AK. The column was read weekly by 40,000 readers and enjoyed great participation by writers and readers alike.


· From 1997-2000 a PoetSpeak column appeared in several northwest newspapers and        magazines. 


· Column


· PoetSpeak columns are offered to any        newspaper or magazine free of charge; please contact me for details.                         


· Across the Western world poetry is, currently, an ignored information, instruction and           entertainment genre. But, in my opinion, a daily “bite” of poetry is as healthy as exercise.


· Column can be provided to any publisher who can use MS. Word and MS. Publisher as part of their lay-out software. Once a template is      provided editor can paste and copy a poem from PoetSpeak’s website.


· Column can be emailed as an attachment.


· Column must have a “PoetSpeak” header, and a footer referring readers to PoetSpeak for reader contact.






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