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 My Teachers

Updated: Mar 12, 2022

When Mom told me not to stick the knife in the outlet,

I did it anyway and now my hand is burnt.

When Dad said don’t climb on the bookshelves,

I climbed to the top shelf and now my arm is broken.

When Mom said don’t eat too much junk food,

I said too bad and now my stomach hurts.

When Dad said running with scissors was a bad idea,

I ran as fast as I could and now I have 13 stitches.

When Mom said I should be careful in love,

I said "whatever" and now I am nursing a broken heart.

It sometimes took more than words

to teach me a lesson.

And in order to help me fly,

My parents first had to watch me fall.

And now they’re telling me to be careful in the world, ​

​as I start my own life.​

​And I’m saying to them,​

​Don’t worry, you taught me well.

--Cory Vehafric

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My Teachers
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Funny how we seem to need to learn things for ourselves, seldom listening to advice until it's too late. But to realize the "teachers" in our lives of often RIGHT. Awesome revelation. Keep learning.

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