Frequently asked questions

Who can submit to PoetSpeak Forum?

​​​​​​​Poems may be submitted by writers and poets from anywhere on Planet Earth to develop a global community of compassion, empathy and thoughtfulness.

  1. Poets and writers of any age, vocation or education.
  2. It is encouraged that submissions by minor (18 years or younger) is submitted by adult family member or teacher.
  3. All submissions should include name, email address, mailing address.

How do I submit poems to the Poetry Forum?

Poets will submit and post all poems via the PoetSpeak Forum; all posts will be subject to spam control and editor overrides. Editors will, time permitting, contact some poets with suggestions for making a poem look attractive and communicate optimally. Final versions of such collaborations will be moved to the searchable PoetSpeak Blog once writer has established an annual membership.

What types of poems can I submit?

Poems should encourage wholesome, family friendly, age neutral subjects and vocabulary. Most of all, should be Accessible, Useful and Enjoyable.

Please submit all poems in English.

Why is an Annual Membership required for Reader Poetry Blog?

PoetSpeak is a non-profit organization committed to raise the art of songs and poems to a wide global readership; one that may grow a community that will recognize the voice of wisdom and passion from mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers, young and old.

PoetSpeak is committed to publish an annual anthology of the 50-100 most evocative poems posted in the Forum and elevated to a Printable format in the PoetSpeak Blog

PoetSpeak envisions poets and song writers becoming a passionate and productive community by using the resources developed on

PoetSpeak needs reasonable financial resources to accomplish its goals and invite readers, poets, song writers, teachers, foundations and people who enjoy reading a monthly poem to donate towards making poems and songs a vital part of our global culture.

What are the benefits of membership?

The PoetSpeak editors are volunteers who are responding to a Dream they have found too evocative to ignore. They, along with future volunteers and Board members, will strive to provide meaningful, do-able and affordable levels of service and support.

Am I giving up rights to my poetry?

PoetSpeak reserves the right to use the poems or songs you submit provided usage reflects your name and the unlimited copyright permission you have given PoetSpeak. However, you, as the author and originator of a poem or song, have complete and unrestricted copyright usage as long as usage shows that it was first published at, a non-profit organization.