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 I Am The Mountain

Updated: Dec 4, 2021

I am the mountain,

Set in my ways and not one to be trifled with.

I am the mountain,

Regal and stately, with my head in the clouds

I look down upon and through all who come to worship me.

I am the mountain,

Use and enjoy me, take me for granted

and you will pay with your life.

I am the mountain,

Snow-capped, barren, timbered and with meadow.

I am the mountain,

I look upon tomorrow as I do eternity and the heavens,

Which encompass all things past present and future.

I am the mountain,

I acknowledge all of creation

but remain unable to explain even the smallest of wonders.

I am the mountain,

Giver and taker of life,

I was born of this earth, time, and

the elements, wind, rain, fire, and ice.

I am the mountain,

I am timeless and eternal

but though I die a little each day,

Yet I will live on forever and a day.

` --Michael Barker

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I am The Mountain
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The personification of this poem is very powerful. It takes the images to heart.

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