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That's Why I Pray

Updated: Mar 12, 2022

The beauty of a babbling stream

cool to the senses,

calming to the eyes

Talk about Eye Candy!

That’s why I pray.

A playful moment

turned ugly by trouble.

Then a quick mind

and strong arms saving the day,

saving the would-be victims.

That’s why I pray.

A friend’s parent dies,

confusion and pain surrounding

I pray for comfort, for peace.

I want the man in my life

To stay strong,

to be healthy,

To be content and fulfilled.

That’s why I pray.

Because I wouldn’t know how

to cope

Without an omnipotent God

to share my trials and joys with.

To acknowledge that

I can’t survive alone

in this magnificent universe.

That’s why I pray . . .

--Evy Kristensen

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That's Why I Pray
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