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PoetSpeak Salon Events

PoetSpeak has a history of sponsoring local, small group sharing read-aloud of original

poetry; poets and song writers will, typically, meet at a local host’s private home. These PoetSpeak Salon events are always intimate, non-threatening opportunities where poets and writers share pot-luck food, sit in a small circle and take turns sharing their original poems. The host acts as the moderator to ensure that comments are positive and uplifting. When the subscription base of poets and song writers show there is an interest PoetSpeak editors will set up a PoetSpeak Salon, or train an interested party as a moderator.

PoetSpeak Events

Poetry Retreat

When possible with adequate donations, a significant subscriber basis and following a writer survey, PoetSpeak will consider sponsoring a retreat to share and encourage creative expressions with songs, music and poetry.

Poetry Alive

PoetSpeak has a history of sponsoring local public events where a group of poets read their poems in a choreographed performance where poets follow a theme, read one poem at a time, and audience have a printed anthology as part of the admission. The Performance is always accompanied by a song-writer or musician playing. Typically PoetSpeak performances are held in event locations that have great acoustics and no surrounding noise factors to allow members of the audience to really listen to the voices of the poets. Performances always offer access to a mingled break atmosphere with refreshments and an opportunity to mingle with poets and song writers.

Poetry Greeting Cards

One of the editors has a life-long passion for creating original greeting cards that are evocative, funny and sincere; she uses a Hallmark-type lay-out program and creates individually formatted, special greeting cards for anniversaries, birthdays, romantic moments, and “I thought of you’ occasions. These cards can include a poem, or quote, from a poem selected by the PoetSpeak subscriber. After the Greeting card has been designed our PoetSpeak subscriber can select a shipping option.