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 Best Wishes

Updated: Dec 4, 2021

I am a collector

of Merrythoughts . . .

For I need all

the luck I can gather

You only get one

per chicken, turkey,

squab or game hen,

pheasant, goose or peacocky

Let them dry

then grab a friend

Make a wish and hope,

cross your fingers,

close you eyes,

and SNAP

Did you get the most,

or did your friend,

How did the wishbone bend?

For wishbones

are Merrythoughts

And Merrythoughts . . .

bones of wishes be

I couldn’t wish

more than that

For you, my soulful friend,

And me!

--Marcia Myers

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Best Wishes
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1 Comment

Wishful thinking is something we can all relate to. And "Let them dry, then grab a friend" is a wish come true indeed.

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