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Blowing Bubbles by the Sea

Updated: Jan 4, 2022

Three girls blowing bubbles by the sea

hundreds of bubbles playing in the breeze

fragile, crystal globes

innocent, playful, ephemeral

floating by the sea.

Three girls playing

running amidst the bubbles

so tenderly blown

so wistfully made...

Bubbles rush toward the breaking waves,

not frightened, not worried

their beauty is a lifetime moment

floating, playing, living in the wind...

One falls near me

it skidded at first

teasing the glassy sand,

mirroring itself on the beach;

but the beach is cold and cruel

like the sea that gave it life

furious, majestic, unforgiving

it grasped the bubble

and held it fast.

Crystal dome that quivers

full of color and life.

Crystal dome once free

still rebels against fate,

it quivers once more and pops

leaving the aura of its existence

imprinted on the cold,

harsh sand of Cannon Beach.

--Malcolm Boswell​

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Blowing Bubbles by the Sea
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