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First Smile

Updated: Jan 4, 2022

Oh quick, come here -- You've got to see! The sight will drive you wild. Alert the media! Stop the press! Our baby girl just smiled

Isn't that the cutest grin That you have ever seen? We'll have to beat the boys away When she becomes a teen.

I'll bet she recognized my voice, Or likes the colors in this place -- Or maybe she's responding To the grin that's on my face!

That smile proves how sharp she is -- She'll be the smartest in her class, Then go to college, win awards...

Oh, my mistake -- it's gas

--Jon Raibley

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First Smile
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1 commentaire

"Oh quick, come here -- You've got to see!"

The excitement starts right at the get go, Jon! And continues to the ending line, And that simply brings my own smile.

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