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The Trail

Updated: Mar 12, 2022

The trail behind the house is slippery this time of year

with coarse dust that rolls out from under your feet.

It is so dry that maple and alder leaves are already falling

through the bright air landing yellow, brown and green,

foretelling the end to a peculiar season.

We are heading for autumn, when rain will knock bright leaves

from the trees and cracks in the ground will heal with water.

The wind will return to tatter the corn left standing in the garden

or sheaved on the porch for Halloween among the pumpkins,

a reminder that things turn brittle, even as they change.

The moon tonight is gibbous but lights the forest all the same.

You can see the trail heading into the dark woods away

from our home. The air is still and the trees are silent,

yet in the distance a train by the river blasts its whistle

filling this space with motion.

--D. H. Bleything

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The Trail
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1 Comment


Sitting under the stars and enjoying a "gibbous" moon is a delightful thought. Nice . . .

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