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Brown Bread

Updated: May 20

What was it like when you were young,


Did you watch your mama

In the kitchen?

I'll bet that's why you bake that

Delicious brown bread.

Did you go barefoot

All the time?

I notice you always wear your sturdy shoes,

Even in the house.

Where did you learn

To crochet?

Was that something

your grandma taught you?

You must have hung out

With your papa a lot, too.

I've never seen another grandma

Who could pound a hole in a wall

And a week later have

A window in its place;

No muss, no fuss.

Who influenced your

lemon drop craze?

That says "Grandma's House" to me;

Always a bowl of lemon drops

Ready for the asking

(never just the taking).

Was it an aunt who gave you

That watermelon rind pickle recipe?

Or did you perfect that yourself?

I wish I would have taken the time​

To learn more from you, ​Grandma.​

I can't even bake bread.

--Evy Kristensen

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Brown Bread
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1 commentaire

Just some remembrances of my grandma. Sorry this was written after she was gone.

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