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· I write poetry because I enjoy observing and participating in life through the form and sense of poetry.


· Poetry is as necessary to me as open spaces, clear skies, and running in the wind.


· My poetry tends to be short, simple, and come directly from the heart and gut.


· I consider myself an ordinary person with poetry in my soul—not a professional poet.


· My poetry is a gift I make to our dreams; much like I smile when my children, or students, do something marvelous. Or, extraordinary!


· In my experience, poets and their poetry,     function as weather vanes; they sense            directions life, and their community, or country, is moving in. Poets identify our deep pools of joy and the “screaming” pinnacles of pain that      ordinary wisdom, psychology or science can’t measure.


· Good poetry is “useful, accessible and joyful,” and it does not take an academic degree to read or create. It comes directly, and simple, from the heart and the gut. Revisions often kill the original message, in my opinion.


· My favorite poet is William Stafford of Oregon, USA. I treasure his unassuming commentary on life.

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